For those in pursuit of lighter offerings, our Aperitivo selection presents exquisitely prepared small dishes that serve as the ideal complement to our six new, custom-designed Campari cocktails. Highlights include the effervescent Campari Spritz, combining Campari, prosecco, and soda; the richly bitter Negroni, featuring Campari, Gin, and Rosso 1757; and the sweetly inviting Campari Bird, crafted with Campari and pineapple juice. This menu celebrates Italian tradition, offering the finest, savoury snacks (a selection of palla & olives) to accompany these delightful cocktails. Ideal for those not seeking a full meal, this selection is perfect for patrons on the go; guests may choose two cocktails along with the snacks for £13. When attending a West End show, allow Luci to be the pinnacle of your evening. Whether it’s the eager anticipation of a pre-show indulgence or the serene pleasure of a stylish aperitivo, Luci provides a culinary spectacle that stands shoulder to shoulder with the finest London’s theatre scene has to offer; transforming dining into an integral part of the entertainment experience.

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